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November, 11th 2017
  December, 25th 2017


EDIT 29 December: COMPETITION CLOSED! I'm going to give you all your comments and judge it ASAP :) (Smile)


I will be holding a competition, ending on Christmas (midnight 24 of December) so I can judge on my vacation. The idea is simple; with new technology you can record dressage and show jumping rides and let a judge somewhere else in the world judge you online. This is the idea behind the competition, which enables you to draw your character and your horse competing in your own stable environment! I always wish I was able to draw my own stable in the background with as much enthusiasm as I do in my competition entries. Now you get the chance! Show of your stable, your horse and your rider!


  • The event is for everybody
  • Two classes, dressage and show jumping. In HARPG world during the dressage everyone rides the same program and a judge scores your recording and during show jumping everyone builds the same course and the same height, time and faults is taken from the recording of the round.
  • Clothes and tack should be competition ones, but I will be very lax here, draw what you feel fits!
  • No Christmas theme or autumn theme necessary, draw what time of the year you want!
  • I will judge your entries on "pretty" or "I like" (not effort compared to your gallery, so no need to outdo yourself, have fun instead). Looking at my faves you get a good feel for what will score high (check out my inspiration folder). If you feel like this is unfair remember I will have ribbons for first to sixth place and participation so you always win a ribbon! And you get to draw your own stable and have as reference for HARPG ;)
  • Tracing is allowed, referencing and working with online images is allowed but create your own piece. If it's your horse, your rider and your stable that should be enough of a change to the original content but I do love seeing your references as it helps me become a better artist when I figure out how others use their references.
  • If it is a commission that is entered, please decide before-hand how the prize should be divided :)
  • You have to draw the picture only for this event, don't just submit an old picture.
  • No pre-registration needed! But I do get so very exited when people comment that they want to enter ^^


Tell me the name of your rider, horse, stable and if you have decided, where the stable is located :D Also maybe what class you are entering and a link back to the competition so others can find it ;)

If you want to donate something, please do! <3
To receive your prizes from sponsors please contact them directly :)

Both classes will each have;
First-dressage by Ackerley Showrug-dressage by Ackerley First-jumping by Ackerley Showrug-showjumping by Ackerley
Ribbon and show blanket from Ackerley
300 :points:
Portrait of the horse done my Ackerley
Custom horse from BengaloThoroughbred courtesy of Fibonacho
Custom horse from TyskianWarmblood courtesy of Fibonacho
Custom tack set courtesy of StarrMountainEstate
Custom DrengirHross extraordinary import courtesy of IvoryHillStables
Custom horse from Terravarian-Registry courtesy of Rising-Star-Farm

Second-jumping by Ackerley Second-dressage by Ackerley
Ribbon from Ackerley
70 :points:
Custom horse from TyskianWarmblood courtesy of :devFibonacho
Custom stable blanket courtesy of StarrMountainEstate
Custom DrengirHross extra-rare import courtesy of IvoryHillStables
Random horse from Terravarian-Registry courtesy of Rising-Star-Farm

Third-jumping by Ackerley Third-dressage by Ackerley
Ribbon from Ackerley
30 :points:
Custom horse from TyskianWarmblood courtesy of :devFibonacho
Custom saddle pad courtesy of StarrMountainEstate
Custom DrengirHross rare import courtesy of IvoryHillStables

Fourth-jumping by Ackerley Fourth-dressage by Ackerley Fifth-dressage by Ackerley Fifth-jumping by Ackerley Sixth-jumping by Ackerley Sixth-dressage by Ackerley
Ribbon from Ackerley
Halter courtesy of StarrMountainEstate

Participation ribbon by Ackerley
Participation ribbon
Comment on their art from Ackerley
1p in the group da-CSHR per entered image for registered horses (Only dressage, not show jumping)

(No need to care unless you want to ^^)

Headmistress Ann was looking over her desk at Albin. She was used to his shenanigans but her questioning face this time was because he was making sense.
"So you're saying not only do we have almost no costs for accommodation, preparation of the grounds and overhead, a company will PAY US to host this competition" she was feeling that this was way to good to be true.
"That's right. Evolution riding is a company that want to have judges doing pay&ride online and they have contacted us. They don't have enough riders feeling comfortable with the online judging they provide so they want our school name behind the project and top level competitors entering. The judges will be international standard, but that's not our problem. We need to fill the classes for them to be happy. I'm not asking for permission, I'm asking for advice. Do you think top riders will enter?" Albin was being genuine but Ann was lost in a creepy smile, she knew a lucrative deal when she was one.
"I'll get Volvo on the phone. If they sponsor with a car, then I'm sure there will be entries. You start setting up everything." Ske wqaved him off without letting him finish, apparently sure enough that Volvo would be happy to comply that she wanted him to start immediately. Albin just shook his head as he lefty the office. This would be a fun.


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